12,1 Zoll Overhead-Bildschirm/DVD

12,1 Zoll Overhead-Bildschirm/DVD

12.1” Overhead Systems


Xtrons 12.1” overhead screens are a popular choice for in-car entertainment, and we’ve been expanding our range to bring you an even bigger choice of products at a realistic price. 12.1” roof mounted screens provide compact and stylish viewing quality for small and medium sized cars, and complement your car’s interior.

With a wide selection of features including IR and FM transmitters, USB and SD card input, HDMI/AVI input, and 32-bit gaming, our 12.1” Screens are a fantastic all-round choice for family in-car entertainment. Get the most out of your journey in style!

The high quality of our 12.1” roof-mounted screens cannot be overstated. We are committed to providing the best in in-car entertainment to you, and we are proud of our range of overhead entertainment systems.

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